Earn To Die

About Earn To Die Unblocked

earn to die unblockedPlay Earn To Die Unblocked game online free. This is the first Earn to Die game Earn to Die 1. The game that has you going on a road trip across USA highways of living hell while trying to get as far as you can while running over as many zombies as you can as well. You’ll start with a humble vehicle and earn cash for killing zombies, then use it on upgrading your vehicles parts like wheels, engine, boost, armor and weapons to create the ultimate zombie killing machine! Then use it to get further and further each day until you finally escape the highway of hell. Never mind Learn To Fly game or any other kind of Penguin or Flappy Bird games. Enjoy realistic ragdoll like physics and win bonuses by reaching certain lengths and outdo yourself by beating it more and more each new day. See how far you can get and how many zombies you can kill and reach your goal in Earn To Die 1 zombie driving game online.

How many days will it take you to reach the awaiting chopper?

Earn To Die 1 Game Tips

earn to die 1To get a good head start and open the game up to you, you need some Earn to Die unblocked tips. So unless you don’t know the game at all my best advice is follows. At the end of the day, remember to buy more fuel each new day, as much as you can for several days, that’s probably the best thing to do as it means you can get further and score more points a lot quicker too so you can buy other parts. Upgrade the engine and add some weapons when you can too. Always buy ammo and max it out as shooting zombies earn cash too. When driving, try to go over the top of things like cars but try to blow them up and any crates and collect any cash you find. Always try to get every zombie and kill them all! Make sure you hit the zombies in your vehicle or shoot them.

Challenge Mode

Complete the full story mode version of the game to unlock Challenge Mode. In Challenge Mode you should drive as far as possible within 3 days and on a limited budget. You can choose your budget from $7000, $50,000 and $100,000. This is either the car, the truck or the big rig.

Earn To Die 1 unblocked Instructions

earn to die gameUse your up cursor key to accelerating.
Press down cursor to break.
Press left or right cursor to balance your vehicle.
Press Control or X key to use your nitro boost.


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